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DENVER (KDVR) — If you’re trying to get a COVID-19 test, get ready to wait for results.

“We can see delayed notifications there just based on when people get themselves tested,” said Scott Bookman said, the disease control and public health response incident commander for Colorado Public Health and Environment.

“Broadly, it comes back to the importance of if you’re exposed, go ahead and get yourself tested,” Bookman added.

That’s easier said than done for lots of folks who might have trouble tracking down a COVID test or anyone who runs a business.

“I think Thursday of last week we had five out to COVID,” Doug Posey said.

Posey, who is the brother of FOX31’s Kim Posey, is the general manager of True View, a window company.

Five employees being out may not sound like a lot, but his company is made of 20, a quarter of his staff.

“Luckily, we had prepared for this and I had ordered some at-home tests, but I had 30 of those and now I’m down to two,” Posey said.

As prepared as he can be, the inevitable may happen, so Posey sends his staff to one of several community test sites.

“Those test results can take up to three days to come back,” Posey said.

Add to that concern a message from COVIDCheck Colorado: some test results could take up to five days to deliver.

For Posey, the concern is the health of his employees.

“That’s our biggest fear, is an outbreak in the office,” Posey said.

Despite this latest COVID-related challenge, like plenty of other businesses, Posey said, the work gets done.

“We can maybe limp around with being down three, four or five people. We’ll make it work,” Posey said.

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