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DENVER (KDVR) — UCHealth says its mass vaccination event at Coors Field over the weekend was a success, and the team is now busy creating a playbook, so that others can replicate their process.

“We had set goals and targets, and we actually blew our goals out of the water,” said Sarah White, the senior director of innovation and system project management at UCHealth.

White says this drive-thru event took a lot of planning and coordination. They needed more than just people and the space to vaccinate. They needed IT, flaggers, interpreters, police, modeling, messaging and more.

The goal was to vaccinate 834 people per hour, but they exceeded that. 

“So, 840 is what we did per hour, on average. But we had times when throughput was even higher, and we think we could probably do 10,000 in a day after what we witnessed,” White said.

There is real excitement for the future as the group assesses the use of two different models.

Four of the six lanes used the standard model in which the vehicle drive to a registration tent, then drove to a vaccination tent, then drove to observation. The other two lanes used a pit crew model.

“It’s a one-stop-shop model. So, you have your registration and your vaccination happen at the same time, and then you move onto observation,” White said.

That model proved to be quite effective, according to White, who says it will likely be used in the next event. Vehicles were moving through about every two minutes.

The group has been sharing information with other health care systems and stadiums planning large vaccination events. They are in the process of creating a playbook for the rest of the state and nation, looking at each model.

“We’ll figure out which one is most effective, which one has highest patient satisfaction, honestly which one is most replicatable and cost-effective is a component, to make sure that others can do this event wherever they are,” White said.