DENVER (KDVR) — Following a scheduled compliance visit from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that uncovered several violations, a Denver-based pharmacy has been prohibited from giving out COVID-19 vaccinations for the time being.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified 1,833 patients who may have received invalid COVID-19 vaccinations at off-site clinics run by CD Colorado Pharmacy, LLC, which does business as Red Rock Pharmacy. A total of 2,100 doses were administered to those across that pool of patients.

According to the CDPHE, all patients who received a vaccine between Jan. 15 and April 1 at one of Red Rock Pharmacy’s off-site clinics should be revaccinated. Those doses may have been ineffective due to the company’s potential mishandling of them.

CDPHE: Red Rock Pharmacy violations

CDPHE found the following violations:

  • Improper storage and handling of COVID-19 vaccines
  • The staff didn’t monitor or document vaccine temperatures during transportation
  • Vaccines were administered outside of manufacturer storage and handling recommendations
  • Documentation of vaccine administration missing or incomplete

CDPHE will be notifying all impacted patients and facilities. According to the CDC, there aren’t any negative side effects associated with receiving an invalid dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Red Rock Pharmacy was enrolled in the CDC’s Federal Retail Pharmacy Program as well as the department’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

If you were vaccinated at one of these clinics or have questions about the revaccination process, please contact CDPHE at 1-877-268-2926, or by emailing your questions to

Additionally, if you have witnessed questionable practices from a separate vaccine provider, you can file a report on their COVID Concern page.

For any additional questions concerning COVID-19 or the vaccines against them, visit the CDPHE’s COVID-19 homepage.