Reasons why some people are now deciding to get the vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – A steady line of people showed up at the mobile vaccination clinic set up in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot in Aurora Monday.

Months after the COVID-19 vaccine became available, they decided now is the time to get their shots.

“Prevention is better than cure,” said Demeish Golding, who was there to get her son vaccinated before the start of school.

Some people in the line had intentionally waited to get the vaccine. “Waiting to see some of the side effects people were having with it, and to see if it was working,” said Steven Wierenga.

So why did the 27-year-old decide now is the time to get the shot? “I think it was more hearing about this new delta variant, hearing that it’s affecting people more my age,” he said.

The delta variant is something that is motivating plenty of others as well.

“My son had the variant about two months ago, just got back from Florida, and all the kids had it, and he’s 21 and he was sick for two weeks, bad,” said Rick Ray.

Ray said he doesn’t really want the shot, but he’s getting it on hopes of keeping customers in his business. “I think a lot of customers won’t come and see me, or allow me to come to see them without the shot,” he said.

That mobile vaccination site is one of several across the state offering $100 Walmart gift cards to people who get the vaccine.

That provided extra motivation for the Snow family.

“We’ve needed to get COVID vaccinations going back to school,” Julie Snow said. “With the gift card we said, let’s do it now.”

Here is a link for information about locations offering the vaccine and gift card:

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