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DENVER (KDVR) — The state’s first vaccine lottery drawing is right around the corner. The drawing is coming up this Friday, June 4, and Tuesday was your last day to get a shot to be part of the drawing. Some of you that have been vaccinated for a while say, you still have questions. We have some answers for you from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

KDVR: Some people have reported an issue with their birth year being unable to be selected. Have you all heard of this problem? Was it something you fixed? What should we tell people experiencing this?

CDPHE: We’re aware that some people were having a difficult time scrolling to find their date of birth. If they click on the carrot (^) next to the month, they can scroll to find the correct information. 

KDVR: We’ve heard that some people are not seeing their names in the system because their information may have been entered incorrectly by their provider. Is there a solution to rectify the error in the system? Will people experiencing this be left out of this entry?

CDPHE: Providers and vaccine clinics have reported over 5.7 million COVID-19 doses into the Colorado Immunization Information System. 

Providers are required to report every vaccination to CIIS and we are confident they have entered the vast majority of doses. For example, thousands of people have reached out to CDPHE to confirm that their record is in the database because they could not find it through the portal, and of that group less than 1% were not in the database. 

If someone cannot find their record through the portal, it does not mean they are not in the database. We have 10 staff members dedicated to ensuring the data is accurate. 

The primary issue is connected to a mismatch between how the provider entered an individual’s information in the database and how individuals are entering it in the portal. All fields for name, date of birth, gender, address, email and/or phone number must match exactly or the portal will not find the record. 

If there is a typo in the CIIS entry, the individual still is eligible for the drawing. Anyone having difficulty accessing their information can contact their vaccine provider to determine how the information was entered or contact the CIIS Help Desk

We want all eligible Coloradans to get vaccinated so they can be entered in the five upcoming drawings. Individuals now scheduling their appointment should pay careful attention to the personal information they submit for their appointment or give to their vaccine provider, and can double check its accuracy before it is submitted. That will minimize issues if they choose to confirm their vaccine records in CIIS. 

KDVR: Some Colorado veterans got their shots in Cheyenne, WY. When will those veterans be entered into the system? Will they be left of out of this week’s drawing but considered for future drawings?

CDPHE: Generally, Coloradans who were vaccinated out-of-state likely do not have their COVID-19 vaccine(s) on their record in CIIS. CIIS does not automatically receive vaccination data for Colorado residents from non-Colorado providers. They can contact the CIIS Help Desk, and if they provide proof of vaccination, CIIS staff can add them.

Samuel E. House of the Cheyenne VA Health Care System, which includes a portion of Colorado tells FOX31 vaccinated veterans are experiencing delays because their records are in a separate system.

Three divisions of the VA are working with the CDPHE to make sure every name is entered into the state database and that all vaccinated veterans will be eligible for the lottery drawings.

KDVR: If someone used a landline number when registering for a vaccine, does that disqualify them from the drawing seeing that CIIS asks for your email and cell number?

CDPHE: Anyone who has been vaccinated and is listed in the CIIS is eligible for the upcoming drawings. The cell phone and/or email are used to provide two-step verification in the portal.