Local doctor creates, launches COVID vaccination wristband

COVID-19 Vaccine
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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — They told you they were vaccinated, but do you really know?

A Colorado doctor is hoping to change that with his invention of a new wristband that essentially works as a wearable vaccine card.

FOX31’s Aristea Brady spoke to the Aurora doctor who says he hopes his device creates more trust and reassurance in a world that seems to need it.

The idea came about after a conversation with his son, a graduate student at Wharton.

“He said, you know, we really should have something that shows that you’ve been vaccinated,” Dr. Tashof Bernton said.  

After several discussions, the idea of the “ImmunaBand” was born.

“You can either get it with just the QR code, or you can get it with your QR code, and your name, and the type of vaccination you receive,” Bernton said.

Think of the QR code as the same as a restaurant. 

One quick scan on your smartphone takes you to a secure site where you can enter your pin. You’re then met with an image of your certified vaccination card.

“If you lose it or something, someone could get your bracelet but they couldn’t get your information,” Bernton said.

Bernton works as physician in Aurora doing rehabilitation and musculoskeletal treatment.

“As a physician, I really support the vaccination effort. The difference between us and India is the fact that we’re very largely vaccinated,” Bernton said.

The band costs $20 and Bernton said they’ve already sold thousands since they launched under four weeks ago.

“We’ve had a response from all parts of the country, we’ve had businesses, individuals,” Bernton said.

Bernton said not only will this band help build trust but it also makes it easy when places require proof of vaccine.  

“I think this is something we hope will help us come together after a long time we’ve been I think split apart in lots of ways, and isolated,” Bernton said.

Bernton tells us so far, those working in the travel and hospitality sectors have shown the most interest in buying bands for their employees.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ImmunaBand you can visit their website at https://www.immunaband.com.

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