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DENVER (KDVR) — More than 11,0000 Colorado kids have already gotten the Pfizer shot for 5-11-year-olds, but some parents are struggling to find open appointments.

The Problem Solvers found many of the large clinics around the metro are fully booked through November, according to the state’s website.

Amanda McManus has been part of the Colorado Vaccine Hunters group since the vaccines were first rolled out and is now helping parents find open appointments. She said finding a spot for your child might take some time, but it’s not nearly as tough as it was back in the spring when people drove hundreds of miles to get the adult vaccine.

“I don’t think it’s at that level unless it’s a situation where the family has a particular date that it has to happen by,” McManus said.

McManus said the group is having luck looking at local pharmacies and independent clinics. A search on turns up dozens of spots around the Denver metro with the children’s version of the vaccine in stock.

“This is definitely one where it’s going to take parents a little more leg work than they might prefer, at least at first,” McManus said. “But there are options out there that a lot of people don’t realize exist.”

How many kids have gotten vaccinated against COVID in Colorado?

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, there is not a supply shortage of the kids Pfizer vaccine.

Colorado has received nearly 15,000 doses so far of the vaccine for children ages 5-11. That’s about 61% of the total number ordered for the initial rollout, with more heading to the state every day.

The state health department said providers were instructed to only order as many doses as they could administer within seven days.

More than 11,000 Colorado kids are now on their way to being protected against COVID-19. Gov. Jared Polis said Monday that’s how many 5-11-year-olds have gotten the shot in barely a week since the rollout started.

How to find a COVID vaccine for children in Colorado

Colorado offered these tips to help parents find a COVID-19 vaccine for their children:

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