DENVER (KDVR) — The number of Coloradans getting vaccinated for COVID-19 has hit an all-time low, but a new vaccine that specifically targets more contagious subvariants of the virus could be in the state within days of final authorization from U.S. officials.

Until now, COVID vaccines have only targeted the original strain of the virus, but the FDA granted authorization to Pfizer and Moderna bivalent shots, which combine the original RNA-targeting mixture and a new formula that targets the omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants.

The goal is to increase protection against multiple variants going into the winter months when virus levels have surged historically.

Once the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives the official recommendation that the vaccines are safe and effective for use in the general public, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Deputy Director of the Division of Disease Control and Public Health Response Diana Herrero said it will be “days” before we see the shots administered.

“We are still awaiting some additional information on when doses are arriving here in Colorado,” Herrero said. “We will leverage that same network of providers that we built for those original vaccines. We have more than 300 providers that placed orders and will be receiving doses over the next week.”

In total, Herrero said Colorado is expecting roughly 294,000 doses. The state ordered about 145,000 doses to distribute among providers, with pharmacies in Colorado ordering about 145,000 more. Roughly 3,000 doses will be available among various federal agencies in this first wave.

Assuming the approval process goes through, providers will be able to administer doses “as soon as they show up,” according to Herrero.

Colorado is getting a proportional amount of the country’s vaccines, which comes down to 1.6% of the U.S. population. As for where Coloradans can expect to get the new boosters, the options run the table.

“We got orders from doctor offices, local public health agencies, community health clinics, our hospital partners many of them also placed orders,” Herrero said. “We will also be leveraging all our mobile vaccine buses, you’ve probably seen those roaming around the state. All of those buses will have the new omicron vaccines available.”

The state will also be bringing back the community vaccination sites, like the large sites at Dick Sporting Goods Park in Adams County, although the details of exactly where and when those sites will be open are still being hammered out. Herrero said there will be more information next week on those details.

A CDC advisory panel voted 13-1 Thursday to formally recommend Pfizer’s version of the shot for Americans 12 and older, and Moderna’s version for Americans 18 and older, with the caveat that the new booster is taken two months after your last shot, be it a booster or the original vaccine.

Health leaders want to make it clear it does not replace the original shot and will only be available for people who have received their original COVID-19 vaccination.