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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Health’s new outpatient center that just opened Monday will now also be home to its largest vaccination clinic, expecting to vaccinate thousands of people weekly.

The clinic will occupy spaces in the building Denver Health planned to use for services like physical therapy.

“This will be our largest vaccine site where we can distribute the most amount of vaccine to our patients, and we are very excited to bring this facility on-site,” said Wade Ebersole with Denver Health.

The nearly 300,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility has seven floors featuring more than 30 medical services – all in one centralized location.

Medical and surgical specialty services and a new expanded pharmacy that is specifically engineered to support increasing prescription volumes and the complex handling of special prescriptions will be located for easy access to patients and staff.

The outpatient medical center (OMC) will also offer free parking for patients.

“We built this facility to improve the care for our patients and the community we serve. Right now, getting as many people as possible vaccinated against COVID-19 is a top-priority for our community,” said Robin D. Wittenstein, Denver Health chief executive officer. “We are fortunate to have the ability to expand our vaccination sites by utilizing the OMC and can do so without interfering with our patient and staff needs. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Denver Health hopes to begin vaccinating patients at the OMC within two weeks, pending state approval. Launching the vaccination sites will not disrupt efforts to move departments from the main campus to the OMC.

To register for a vaccine at Denver Health, you do not need to be a current patient to sign up through its online portal. Officials encourage everyone to register even if they’re not currently eligible.

“It’s a thrilling week for us, there’s been thousands of hours of time and commitment. It’s been a real labor of love for me,” said Ebersole.