Bonanno restaurant group requires COVID vaccine for employees, patrons

COVID-19 Vaccine

DENVER (KDVR) — Some restaurants in Denver will soon be requiring more than a reservation for customers to eat there. They will be asking for confirmation of the COVID-19 vaccination.

If you want to dine at one of Frank Bonanno’s eight eateries or Milk Market food hall in Denver, you are going to need more than just a reservation. You are going to need a COVID-19 vaccination.

“Sept. 30, we will be requiring all our customers to be vaccinated,” Jessica Kinney from Bonanno Concepts said.

The Bonanno restaurant group employs around 372 people in their restaurants, and by Sept. 1, those workers will be required to get, and have proof of, the COVID-19 vaccine as well.

”If our employees are unable to get the vaccine by Sept. 30, and we are giving them plenty of time and we are working with them to do that, then we will work with them to give them time to find somewhere else to work,” Kinney said.

And Sept. 30 is a deadline for customers to come clean about their COVID vaccine. Bonanno Concepts is not going to ask to see your vaccination card, but you will have to sign a health declaration to be seated.

Why not just ask to see the vaccine card?

”We really don’t think the technology is there right now. We don’t want our staff to be on the front lines of trying to police this,” Kinney said.

Right now, the hope is most customers will be honest.

“If not, then it’s that 1%, and we’re still weeding out a lot of people who have not been vaccinated,” Kinney said.

No shoes, no shirt and now no vaccine? Then no service.

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