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DENVER (KDVR) — This weekend, Denver will see its first mass vaccination site at Coors Field’s main parking lot north of the stadium. However, the site will be by appointment only and it’s just a practice run.  

UCHealth is setting up the mass vaccination to prepare for a much larger operation. The health care provider says it will vaccinate 1,000 people aged 70 and older who already have appointment on Sunday.  

No one without one will be vaccinated during the event.  

“Our goal is to be able to design flow and to test how many people we might be able to vaccinate and to discover how efficiently this might be done,” UCHealth Vice President of Communications Dan Weaver said.

Sunday’s event will be a pilot for another, much larger mass vaccination at Coors Field on Jan. 30 and 31. That’s when as many as 10,000 vaccinations will be administered.  

Again, appointments are mandatory.   

The governor said these sites are helpful, but not the end-all.  

“The limiting factor is the amount of vaccine. So, if you only have so much vaccine, I think it’s very important to get it out into the community across our entire state rather than all at one site,” said Gov. Jared Polis.  

People receiving the vaccines will be chosen randomly from those who have registered with UCHealth.  

Denver resident Ann Ramos, 76, has registered with every system available, but has heard nothing.  

“I would ask them for more communication. That is the most frustrating part: not being able to find out anything specific,” she said.

Now, Ramos — like thousands of others — will wait and hope they’re called to get the vaccine at Coors Field. 

If all goes as planned, similar sites could be set up at other locations across the state.  

To sign up for a chance are receiving a vaccination at the mass vaccination site, you must register on UCHealth’s website.