3 reasons ineligible people should not try to sneak a booster shot

COVID-19 Vaccine

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) – The Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots are already approved for older people, people with a weakened immune system and people in high-risk jobs.

But doctors said there are lots of people who do not fit into those categories who are lying to providers and sneaking a booster, hoping to stay healthy.

But, Dr. Jaya Kumar, the chief medical officer at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, said there are three reasons that ineligible people should wait their turn.

The research is not complete.

“It’s wiser to wait for more data to come in,” Kumar said.

If you get the booster too early, you may not get the maximum boost.

“There are theories that if you take it too soon the cells are not mature enough, and they are not strong enough to recognize another signal,” Kumar said.

If you lie, you can throw off the data and the research that helps other people.

“That skews the data, and we wouldn’t be able to tell which group of people are benefiting the most from the booster shot,” she said.

Kumar said it’s best to have a little patience and wait your turn.

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