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DENVER (KDVR) — Finding a safe public restroom to use this summer is going to be a challenge.

According to experts, public bathrooms are hotspots for the transmission of the coronavirus.

“They’re not vented too well and they’re enclosed,” said Tim Pyle, executive director of the American Restroom Association.

Not only are they closed off, new research shows millions of tiny water droplets are ejected several feet from a toilet every time you flush.

If a person who used the toilet before you has COVID-19, there’s a chance the particles in your flush could carry the virus.

“I believe it’s about three feet in any direction because the vortex that is formed it can push upward and so it can deposit anywhere,” explained Dr. Sheryl Zajdowicz, professor of biology at Metropolitan State University of Denver

Experts offer two pieces of sound advice for using public restrooms:

“Something many [people] don’t even probably think about: washing or sanitizing your hands before you go into the restroom, which means you’re not bringing the particles with you. And also wearing a mask your entire time in the public restroom,” said Pyle.