Connecticut company working around the clock to make ventilators for coronavirus patients

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GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – There are not enough ventilators for the expected number of coronavirus patients, and a Connecticut company that makes them is now working seven days a week to try and meet demand.

Dean Bennett III has had to ramp up operations at Bio-Med Devices during the past month. His company’s TV 100 ventilator is the one that’s most in demand.

“We can configure it and it will do pediatrics through adults, which is what they’re really looking for these days,” said Bennett.

Demand is so high, they may run out of raw materials to build the portable life-saving machines.

“For this particular device (the TV 100), we’d order enough to build 500. If we’d known this was coming, we would have ordered enough to build 5,000,” said Bennett.

The company also makes air-oxygen blenders, and the demand for them is even higher.

“Typically, we’ll build 20,000 in a year, and we had one customer ask for 20,000,” said Bennett.

Bio-Med also assembles and supplies the accessories that go with the equipment, such as the tubing that runs between the machine and the patient.

“Got a call from the White House COVID team yesterday to see what we could do and what they could do to help with our suppliers,” said Bennett.

Because the ventilators need to be calibrated just right and tested for 24 hours straight, the company can’t keep up with overseas orders, let alone the new demand closer to home.

“We prefer at this point to try to keep a lot of them in the U.S.,” said Bennett.

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