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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — Longtime pastor at Littleton Church of Christ, Mike Myers was honored by dozens of members of the congregation just before he passed away from COVID-19 and pneumonia Wednesday. 

“Mike made it very easy for someone to become his friend. He was very personable and so transparent that when you were in his presence, you knew that you were loved,” said Pastor Jovan Barrington. 

Myers battled pneumonia for six weeks in addition to his COVID-19 diagnosis. Members of the congregation gathered in the parking lot of Littleton Adventist Hospital Wednesday to show their support and pray for Myers. He died just a short time later.

“What you saw there was just us carrying on Mike Myers’ example. Each and every one of those people that were there were touched by Mike in an impactful way in their life,” said Barrington.

Myers served at Littleton Church of Christ in some capacity for 47 years. Barrington says it’s difficult to imagine the community without him.

“Even though this is a very hard time, I believe and our congregation believes that Mike prepared us for hard times,” said Barrington.