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DENVER (KDVR) — Health officials are optimistic about what life will be like as more Americans get vaccinated. On Tuesday, Gov. Jared Polis said he’s confident that “summer will be very close to normal.” That projection is based on vaccination distribution.

Business owners are hopeful new guidance for those who are vaccinated will lead to more people walking through their doors. In Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood, Tables Restaurant has adjusted to what the pandemic has thrown its way.

“For us, we’ve just been treading water and trying to keep afloat,” said Tables co-owner Dustin Barrett.

Dustin co-owns Tables with his wife Amy Barrett. They are now seeing some of their recently vaccinated guests return. They’re looking forward to seeing even more of that.

“It gives us hope,” Amy said.

Experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledge there’s not much concern when it comes to smaller groups of fully vaccinated people gathering indoors without masks.

“If I’m around a whole bunch of people who are all vaccinated, that’s a pretty low risk environment,” said Dr. Eric Hill, a vaccinated ER physician at the Medical Center of Aurora. “I think we could definitely be back to a way of having small group meetings … things of that nature.”

The Barretts believe that level of normalcy will help spur the confidence we need in our economy.

“We’re ready, not just to see our business, but also to see our guests, back,” Dustin said.

For now, doctors say masks are still needed because there is concern that a vaccinated person could still contract the virus and potentially spread it to someone who has not yet been vaccinated.