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DENVER (KDVR) – Colorado plans to end the statewide COVID-19 Dial system next week, giving control over health orders to local governments. The change will happen April 16, a spokesperson from Gov. Jared Polis’ office confirmed on Wednesday.

That means it will be up to individual counties, cities or municipalities how to handle responses and restrictions based on COVID-19 conditions.

“While there have been public health orders in place, Colorado has essentially been open since the Stay-at-Home order was lifted in April last year,” said Shelby Wieman, a spokesperson for the state of Colorado. “We have utilized the Dial system to inform individuals of their risks, to protect public health while at the same time allowing for economic activity.

“The Dial system will evolve from a statewide public health order to locally managed and local ordinances on April 16th. Until more Coloradans can get the vaccine, we must all continue to do our part, keeping ourselves and each other safe by wearing masks, staying six feet apart, and if you choose to gather with others, doing so outside in small groups.”