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PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) – If you go outside at sunset, listen in the distance and you may hear something you don’t hear too often.

Each night at dusk, bagpipes and drums will echo through neighborhoods across the country.

“You should listen at sunset — there are pipers and drummers all across the area,” Thomas Johnson, a captain with Aurora Fire Department told FOX31.

The movement is called “Sunset Solidarity” and encourages Scottish drummers and bagpipers to play outside their homes at sundown.

“The pipes have a centuries-long tradition of inspiring courage and resolve to people in times of distress,” Johnson said.

Johnson is a piper with the Colorado Emerald Society. The band is made up of first responders from 24 police and fire agencies across Colorado. Their primary mission is playing at line-of-duty death funerals for police and firefighters.

“We do feel a certain sense of pride and unity in the law enforcement and fire and EMS community when it comes to sharing and demonstrating and hopefully inspiring a positive outlook,” Johnson said.

The Colorado Emerald Society members are each taking part in Sunset Solidarity even though they must play miles apart.

Johnson plays outside of his home in Parker. He says he will continue to do so until the word “pandemic” no longer describes what is happening in the community.

“Last night, I heard some applause from the neighbors around us,” he said. “That’s the positive reinforcement back to me that this is doing what we’re hoping that it does.”

He’s hoping it inspires everyone who will listen to fight a little harder until the pandemic is over.