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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) – Just as Colorado kids are heading back to school, pediatricians say they are seeing more and more kids with respiratory issues other than COVID.

Doctors at Greenwood Pediatrics in Centennial say they are seeing close to three times as many sick kids this month, as they do in an average August.

They are seeing some COVID cases, but they are also seeing several other viruses circulating that they typically don’t see this time of year.

“RSV, some of the adenoviruses and enteroviruses that are typically a little later in the season, we are seeing a high number of those in our clinic,” said Dr. Nick Krebs.

He said he is also seeing kids who test positive for COVID, and many of the symptoms are the same.

“I saw 25 to 30 kids on Friday in the sick pod, and almost 95% were respiratory and gastrointestinal based systems,” Krebs said.

Quarantines for a COVID exposure in a classroom are not required in many cases this year.

But Krebs said to keep the kids home from school if they have any symptoms, even if it’s just a runny nose and even if they are vaccinated.

“They should stay home. We should see how the symptoms evolve,” he said.