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Denver (KDVR) — With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing in Colorado, some women who are expecting babies are feeling quite nervous.

Andrea Olson and her husband Matt have their ‘go bag’ ready. Their baby is due Wednesday. The Denver couple has two other children, but this time is different. With coronavirus circulating, they are even more anxious.

“I’m scared to touch the doorhandles, you know, I’m scared if the baby is going to get it,” Andrea said. 

But hospitals are taking action to protect new moms and babies.

For example, staff members at Rose Medical Center in Denver, where the Olsons will deliver, are screening people as they walk in.  

The number of entrances and visitors are limited.

“We take your health and your welfare very seriously,” said Dr. Lynn Barta, the medical director of OB-GYN hospitalists at Rose Medical Center.

Barta says staff are cleaning. They are using social distancing, hand hygiene and personal protective gear to stay healthy. But OB-GYN patients should call ahead to talk to their doctor before coming in. 

“We’re doing everything we can to isolate our sick patients, to isolate anybody who is positive, to keep people out of the hospital who don’t need to be here, to limit visitors,” Barta said.

OB-GYN patients are allowed one birth partner and one visitor. As for risks, Barta says there is limited data, but so far there is nothing to suggest that a woman can pass COVID-19 to a baby in the womb. But once the baby is born, precautions would be needed.

As for the Olsons, they are trying to stay calm and hunker down until delivery.

“We were planning on taking this time off, and being home anyway,” Matt said.