DENVER (KDVR) — One more Colorado metric is suggesting that the omicron wave may have peaked in Colorado.

The now-dominant omicron variant is putting fewer people in the hospital. The seven-day average number of COVID positive hospital patient admissions went down for the first time since mid-December last weekend. Between Jan. 14 and Jan. 17, the average number of hospital admissions dropped from 350 per day to 310 per day.

This followed a monthlong spike in admissions that hadn’t been seen since the fall 2020 wave. As recently as Dec. 20, the daily number of hospital admissions was only a third of what it is now.

Cases appear to have peaked as well.

According to state data, the seven-day average for both cases and positivity rates peaked around Jan. 10. In the week since the seven-day average for cases has dropped 15% and the seven-day average for positivity rates has dropped 2%.

Cases have begun to drop in former omicron hot spots nationally and internationally, as well. South Africa, where the strain was first observed, has seen cases go down 70% from their peak. Cases have also begun to stall or drop in the Northeastern U.S. states and metro areas, according to a New York Times analysis.