Coloradans discuss participation in Regeneron’s antibody cocktail therapy

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DENVER (KDVR) — President Donald Trump is touting the success of an experimental antibody cocktail he received to fight COVID-19. The treatment is still being studied. Some Coloradans are participating in the trial.

Trump says Regeneron’s antibodies will be made available for free to all Americans. He calls it a cure, but there is currently no cure for COVID-19. 

Experts say the Regeneron therapy shows promise. The pair of monoclonal antibodies is designed to mirror the natural progression of the immune system to target certain disease.

“So far the antibodies appear to be very well tolerated without any serious side effects,” said Dr. Thomas Campbell of UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital.

People across the country, including Andrew Hageman, 19, and his mom Graham Ray, 59, both of Colorado, have been injected with either the cocktail or a placebo for the ongoing study.

“I had a fever a couple days, runny nose, a bit of fatigue,” Hageman said.

Hageman had a harder time recovering compared to Ray — leading Hageman to believe he received the placebo and Ray received the cocktail.

“There’s no way an almost 60-year-old was able to recover faster than me,” he said.

Ray said she recovered quickly and never reached having a fever. They will eventually be told which treatments they were administered.

Both mother and son have recovered. They are patients at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital where Campbell has been working on COVID-19 trials.

“These monoclonal antibodies may provide benefits to people with COVID-19 illness by helping them get better faster,” Campbell explained.

Regeneron’s antibodies may also prove successful as a pre-exposure prophylactic — a treatment administered to those who are negative to prevent COVID-19 infection.

It is currently unclear when or how the treatment could be made available to the public as promised by the president.

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