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DENVER (KDVR) — Doctors and scientists are concerned about an alarming new trend affecting COVID-19 patients in Colorado and across the country.

It’s called ‘COVID Brain Fog’ and it’s affecting the cognitive behavior of patients on a wide scale.

“This brain fog is a symptom we’re seeing in the wake of this severe infection,” said Dr. Russell Bartt, Neurologist at Swedish Medical Center.

‘COVID Brain Fog’ is affecting patients sometimes for weeks, if not months after their infection.

According to doctors, it’s similar to what we see in people who have dealt with other diseases, such as mononucleosis.

“Some of those patients can take really weeks to get their energy levels back, even though their fevers are long gone and their congestion is long gone,” said Dr. Bartt.

Some of the symptoms associated with ‘COVID Brain Fog’ include: memory loss, confusion, difficulty focusing, dizziness and struggling to form words.

“People might not feel like they’re as well rested, needing naps, maybe sleeping more or less. They’re sort of non descriptive or vague symptoms that can be tough to pin down,” Dr. Bartt said.

Doctors aren’t sure why this is happening to patients.

“Something is happening that we don’t see with our eyes, but it’s happening at the level of the brain’s cell and the inflammation and the signaling going on there,” Dr. Bartt said.

There are several things patients can do to help with this, like: get enough sleep, listen to your body and stay away from alcohol.