Aurora student urges district to consider some form of in-person learning


DENVER (KDVR)– As COVID-19 cases rise, more schools are moving back to online learning. Navigating this new mostly virtual world many of us are living in can be challenging, especially for children.

One student in Aurora is asking adults to come up with a better solution for student learning. Brooklynn is a seventh grader in Aurora Public Schools. While she’s diligently logged on for school for months now, she said she is sorely missing being inside the classroom. 

“It’s so much easier to get help because you could just raise your hand and they could come over to you and help you,” Brooklynn said. “They could come over and physically teach you rather than sitting here on a screen. It’s way easier to zone out now, and you can just go do whatever you want. You can turn your screen off and go eat, you can do anything you want to but when you’re in a classroom, you are following those classroom rules.”

Brooklynn said she misses being challenged in class. She believes people with her district and state can find middle ground to help bring back some sense of normalcy. 

“We need to have some sort of, like, either smaller group or find some way to get us back in school, even with cases up, because it’s not the school that’s spreading the cases, it’s the community around us.” 

In the early days of the pandemic, classrooms were not considered a large source of contagion. New data from the state’s health department shows a growing number of cases are linked to schools around the state. 

Brooklynn is hoping her district can return to a few days of hybrid learning at some point this school year. 

“We need to find a way that kids can actually engage in this because we are not learning anything. We are not doing anything. We are sitting in front of a screen, just listening to our teachers talk and at the end of the day, no one remembers anything. I couldn’t tell you one thing my teacher said in my last class because it’s not engaging. We need to find some way where students are learning and feel engaged, feel like they are in the classroom. We need that in-person school. We’re not learning anything like this,” she said.

Like many other counties in the Denver area, Arapahoe County is currently in Safer at Home Level Orange. If this county reaches Level Red, state guidance calls for students to learn remotely with very little in-person interaction.

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