DENVER (KDVR) — In an effort to be more transparent with COVID hospital data, Colorado’s health department is breaking down COVID hospitalizations to distinguish who is in the hospital because of the virus, as opposed to who happens to be positive but is hospitalized for another reason.

According to state data, 60% of the COVID hospitalizations are because of COVID for the week of May 8. Roughly 24% of patients just happen to have the virus, which is known as incidental COVID, and about 12% are presumed to have incidental COVID.

Courtesy: CDPHE

You can find this data on the state’s dashboard by clicking COVID Hospitalizations, patient level and then the reason for admission.

The share of incidental COVID hospitalizations has gone up significantly since January of 2022, when the omicron variant became the dominant strain in Colorado. During that month, 80% of COVID hospitalizations were due to COVID.