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DENVER (KDVR) — While many Colorado companies are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, at CG Environmental, employees barely get a chance to catch their breath.

“We’re busy. We’re running all over Colorado taking care of this stuff,” said CEO Erick McCallum.

The hazardous cleanup company is one of just a handful nationwide that specialize in infectious disease cleanup.

“This is not something you want to grab an ad and look for a coupon,” said McCallum.

In 2014, CG Environmental was hired to disinfect the apartment of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas.

In Colorado, McCallum estimates his crews have now done about 50 to 60 coronavirus cleanings, everything from police departments and 911 dispatch centers to office complexes.

“Janitorial crews shouldn’t be out doing this because they don’t have the training. When you’re hand wiping like these crews are, you’re probably missing 60 percent of the surface area. That’s a no-no. The rubbing is the cross contamination part,” McCallum said.

McCallum disinfects buildings using a system that breaks a water molecule down to a very small form so it floats. The company treats both surface and the air inside buildings.

The No. 1 mistake McCallum says people make at their own homes when it comes to the coronavirus? They don’t remove their shoes when they walk into their homes and could be cross contaminating their home after being exposed elsewhere.