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BOULDER, Colo. — OSHA is investigating the cause of a tragic accident at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital Tuesday which left one construction worker dead and two others injured.

The worker, identified Wednesday as Eduardo Castro, 39, was standing on a steel beamed canopy about two stories up when it broke away from the rest of the structure.

“As he was standing on the girder, that girder began to give way and he either jumped or fell, and that girder fell on top of him, and pinned him to the ground,” said Kim Kobel with the Boulder Police Department.

The crew from Wyatt Construction was working on a new medical building, and medical care was just yards away.

“There were two nurses inside the hospital who saw what happened and rushed out to try and help him,” Kobel said.

It was a terrible scene. Workers had to use a crane to lift the beam off Castro.

A doctor from the hospital came out and pronounced him dead.

Two other workers were found injured nearby, and they were taken to area hospitals.

“It’s really upsetting to everyone,” said Holly Steiner, who was visiting the hospital with her brother.

OSHA says the investigation will likely take months.

Over the past 25 years, OSHA has inspected Wyatt Construction 14 times and issued eight citations.  There have not been any accidents or fatality investigations involving Wyatt Construction until now.