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DENVER — A big construction project began Monday in Denver to convert one-way streets into two-way traffic.

The work will happen on 19th and 20th avenues between Broadway and Park Avenue West. Currently, 19th Avenue goes eastbound and 20th Avenue goes westbound.

Besides converting the roads to allow two-way traffic, bike lanes will be added and traffic signals will be replaced with stop signs.

The city is hoping this helps calm traffic in the growing residential area.

“More people are moving downtown, especially on 19th and 20th avenues, and we’re starting to see this urban environment that’s emerging,” Denver Public Works spokeswoman Heather Burke said.

“So we’re seeing more people walking and biking to their destinations. So this two-way conversion will really help give that area more of a local feel.”

Burke also said the conversion will help with more circulation to keep vehicles, bicyclists and people who walk moving around the area.

“More people are starting to move downtown. Our city’s growing,” Burke said. “And we are seeing these urban environments and we just want to make sure we can get people more safely to their destinations.”

Crews will work 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., starting with 20th Avenue first, then moving to 19th Avenue. Work is expected to last through late fall.

Crews later plan to convert Grant and Logan streets to allow two-way traffic between 18th and 20th avenues.