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Gov. Jared Polis has declared today, April 1, 2021 Remarkable Women Day of Colorado and this morning KDVR was able to reveal the winner of Denver’s Most Remarkable Woman Contest, Angel Mollel.

Angel was one of four Denver finalists and one of over 300 nominees. We’ve also learned that Angel is one of six nationwide finalists being considered for our parent company, Nexstar Media Groups Remarkable Women Contest!  The winner being revealed April 10.

And trust us, Angel has earned it. She grew up in the poverty stricken Maasai Village just outside of Tanzania. Angel lived in a mud hut with 16 brothers and sisters; two moms and one dad. Each day there was just one task: Survival.

But at the age of 11 she captured the heart of her adoptive dad, who then brought her to Colorado where she thrived.

During her time here she’s gotten to be a regular student, taking part in sports and other activities, but angel always kept a part of her in Tanzania which is why she started her non-profit 1Love as a way to give back. Through that she’s increased the areas life expectancy and sponsored children, helping them pursue higher education and give them hope of a brighter future.

“We were able to do so much to help the children. Build better houses.. and the big one, to bring clean water and build shops so the women can get the necessities that they need,” Angel said.

Now, Angel is a student at CU Boulder, working towards her degree while continuing to give back.

Angel was one of four nominees for Denver’s Most Remarkable Woman. Maureen Shul, Sheri Cole and Judy Lutkin were also nominees. All of these women have made enormous contributions to this community.

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