Concertgoers: ‘It’s a sad world we live in when you have to be nervous to see your favorite band’

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MORRISON, Colo. — Concertgoers heading into Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Monday night said it’s sad that recent tragedies have left them feeling nervous about going to see their favorite band because they know they’ll be in a big crowd.

Concertgoers heading into the Kings of Leon concert said the tragedy that unfolded in Las Vegas made them a little apprehensive about attending a concert Monday night.

“It’s very sad, it’s very sad,” Caprise Robbins said. “We have to think about just about everything we’re doing anymore. Flying, where you are going on vacation, you have to pay attention.”

“Especially after the tragedy (Sunday) night, we’re more than happy to go through checkpoints and everything like this and make all the precautions,” Bobby Moore said.

A gunman in Las Vegas on Sunday night rained down bullets on hundreds of people attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The death toll has climbed to 59 people and 527 wounded.

“It’s a tragedy. Words can’t explain how sorry we feel for those people but that’s the nature of the beast now,” said Cmdr. Patrick Phelan with the Denver Police Department.

Phelan is in charge of special operations for the department and that includes concerts at Red Rocks. Phelan said while he understands people’s apprehension, they should remain confident in law enforcement.

“Feel safe. I think that’s our concern, trying to make people feel safe and put adequate personnel out there to make sure that happens,” Phelan said.

Phelan said police are always looking for way to improve security at events that involve large crowds. He said law enforcement will take away lessons from the tragedy in Las Vegas.

“Current events that happen, we look at our model and we ask, ‘Is this adequate for what we need to be doing?’ So we are always checking, rechecking, knowing we could do better,” Phelan said.

While events such as Las Vegas are concerning, concertgoers said it won’t stop them from enjoying what they love.

“You’re scared, you’re worried but what are you going to do? Am I going to sit home? Am I going to not go to anything because it’s always a risk,” Jennifer Markham-Gallegos said.

“What happened there, there is nothing anyone could have done about it. Couldn’t tell he was going to do what he was going to do,” Shane Vanderweg said.

Phelan said while law enforcement works hard, it also helps if the community steps up. He said if people ever see something suspicious, never hesitate to notify law enforcement.

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