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DENVER — It was signature day at the state Capitol. That’s the day when groups hoping to get initiatives onto the November ballot have to submit the required number of signatures.

One of the big issues facing voters this year is transportation and fixing our roads.

Two groups submitted signatures for their transportation initiatives, each with different funding methods.

The group Let’s Go Colorado wants a 0.62 percent increase in sales tax to fund local and state projects, plus multi modal projects.

“By paying 6 cents on a $10 purchase Coloradans and out of state tourists will help generate nearly $800 million in its first year, and when the revenue is bonded, it will bring about $6 billion new dollars for projects across the state,” said Dan Gibbs with Let’s Go Colorado.

He wants to create a sustainable funding source.

“The dollars just aren’t there,” he said.

The other group wants to repair roads and bridges, without raising taxes or fees.

Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, said Colorado has a surplus, and he believes the new Trump tax laws will bring in even more money to the state.

“Theirs is a roads, transit and slush fund for cities initiative. Ours says, legislature, make roads a priority again,” Caldara said.

The Secretary of State’s Office has 30 days to verify signatures.