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DENVER — Classes at a new online college, designed to teach students how to grow, process, and sell marijuana, are set to start early next year.

“Now that Amendment 64 has passed, it has allowed us to expand,” said Thurlow Weed, the owner of No Excuses Entertainment, the Colorado-based media company which will run “I-Bake University.”

The online college is designed for students to learn everything about growing marijuana, from different kinds of strains and how to grow them, to the potential legal pitfalls of selling cannabis.

“We want them to be able to move forth into whatever they want to do and do it legally, correctly, and be able to help other people at the same time,” said Weed.

The curriculum is broken up into six classes, held twice a week for three months. The courses include reading assignments, live lectures, and an assigned mentor — designed for everyone from medical marijuana patients to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“At the end of the course, you’ll get a book and a certificate that says you completed all six classes at I-Bake University,” said Littletree Oppy, the program’s designer and primary instructor.

Registration for the online college begins December 1st and classes start on January 8th. For more information on I-Bake University, follow this link.