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AURORA, Colo. – The community has stepped up in a big way to help the father of a newborn baby who lost his wife just hours after she gave birth.

On Tuesday, Frederick Connie told the Problem Solvers about his struggle juggling life with a newborn still in the hospital while trying to plan his wife’s funeral.

“Being a mother, it really moved me because 38 years ago when I had my son I had preeclampsia and toxemia. I was in labor for three days. I almost died as well as my son,” LeQuita Taylor told FOX31.

LeQuita and her husband Michael Taylor, Sr. own Taylor Mortuary based in Aurora. They have offered funeral and cremation services free of charge for Frederick’s wife, Keyvonne.

“It’s not just a financial burden that would be lifted off of this gentleman, it would be the burden of dealing with his child and at the same time burying his wife,” Michael said.

They have been in business for 16 years and say they know first hand how difficult this time is for Frederick and his family.

“We’ve had mothers where we’ve buried the baby with the mother. They baby didn’t make it either. So it has not stopped,” LeQuita said. “Even with all the high tech and everything mothers are still leaving a lot of their babies.”

In addition to the funeral donation, the community raised more than ten thousand dollars in just 24 hours to help the family. If you’d like to donate, a fundraiser has been started on Facebook.