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DENVER — A woman from Commerce City has been arrested after authorities accused her of providing the gun that was used to kill Colorado Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations announced Wednesday night that Stevie Vigil, 22, was in custody.

The CBI says she sold the gun to murder suspect Evan Ebel.

Investigators say Vigil bought the gun from a licensed dealer in Englewood and then provided it to Ebel.

They say that was illegal because he was a convicted felon who couldn’t legally possess a firearm.

Police say Ebel took that same gun to Tom Clements’ home in monument last week and ran the prison director’s door bell. When Clements answered, investigators say Ebel shot and killed him.

Police in Denver have connected Ebel to the murder of Domino’s Pizza delivery man Nathan Leon two days before Clements was killed.

Ebel then fled to Texas, where he ended up leading police on a violent high speed chase and shootout last Thursday.

Ebel died in the crash and gunfire. A lot of questions about his crime spree remain unanswered.

Vigil was in the Arapahoe County Jail late Wednesday night. Her bond is set at $25,000.