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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Fans were so disappointed in comedian Ralphie May’s show in Grand Junction on Jan. 21, that they called police to get involved, according to reports.

Police told KJCT-TV they received reports that May appeared to be high during his performance at the Avalon Theater, and that he was “slurring his words, not speaking directly into the microphone and leaning on the stools on stage.”

According to TMZ, a source from May’s camp told the gossip website that the comedian had indeed imbibed heavily on Colorado’s legal marijuana. However, that source did not confirm whether May had ingested marijuana edibles, as angry audience members had suggested.

“He (May) was like a kid in a candy store, being in Colorado for the first time since pot became legal,” the source said, according to TMZ.

May himself had also been tweeting about his legal marijuana purchases before the Grand Junction show.

Since the show, photos have surfaced showing May being escorted out of the theater by police. Grand Junction Police spokesperson Kate Porras later said officers had been called in to maintain order after audience members became unruly, and that those officers searched May’s dressing room in an effort to “keep the peace” after receiving permission to do so.

When officers found no evidence of drugs in May’s dressing room, Porras said, they did not have probable cause to search the comedian’s tour bus, and their request to do so was denied.

May spoke about the incident this week with Nebraska radio station KEZO, confirming that he did indeed have marijuana on his person, that he had smoked earlier that day and that he is a “life-long stoner.” However, he blamed the issues with the performance on a faulty monitor.

“It’s Grand Junction, so there’s no other news on,” May said. “The cops searched everything; they searched us all. They found some weed but they said, ‘This is Colorado. We don’t even care.’ I was taking pictures with the cops. Everything was cool.”

Despite his shots at Grand Junction, May’s promoters told KJCT the comedian does tend to honor a future tour date in Grand Junction. However, the exact date and location of that show was yet to be disclosed as of Wednesday.