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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s largest vaccination event kicked off Saturday at Coors field parking lot. By Sunday afternoon, 10,000 people will leave the lot with their first vaccine shot.

According to coordinators, around 900 patients drove through each hour Saturday, exceeding goals set by UCHealth initially.

“It was reaffirmed that it’s incredibly important people have a timed appointment for a specific day and a specific time, not first come first serve, not just show up,” UCHealth Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Richard Zane said. 

“It’s amazing, absolutely amazing,” patient Joy Travis said, adding “It is fast to get here, the guys are doing a good job getting us in and out.”

A number of volunteers spent the morning guiding and assisting cars with people receiving their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“They are like ‘oh my gosh somebody who looks like me can understand me and help me,’” Spanish Medical Interpreter Lizeth Lubelski said. “The patients are like ‘thank you for being here,’ and I’m like ‘no, thank you!’ It’s just a loop of gratitude.”

“It’s a privilege to get this and I hope that many more people can get it,” patient Jeanette Egan said. 

The mass vaccination clinic was a moment for some families to celebrate. Carol-Ann Mullin brought her 87-year-old mother to the appointment, calling it a historic moment.

“It felt like being part of a community again — seeing al those other families out there that have been going through a lot of the things that our family is experiencing,” Mullin said.

Some families say the vaccine brings hope to the population that has been the most isolated during the pandemic.

“Now that my friends have started to get the vaccine also I can have my bridge friends over to play bridge again. I can be more mobile. It’s so exciting,” Susie Crockett said, a 77-year-old who received the vaccine.

Governor Jared Polis stopped by the vaccination site to observe the operation and speak with his constituents getting their first shots.

“You’ll be up in the next week or two if you are over 70,” Polis said. “Starting February 8th, we’ll be done with most of the 70 and up. Any Coloradan over 65 will be able to get it after February 8th.”

UCHealth coordinators say patients getting their first vaccine at these clinics are already scheduled to come back through these same lanes 21 days later.

“When we get more vaccine, especially a single dose vaccine, this will be a very important tool in the toolbox to get people vaccinated,” Zane said. 

Five thousand people are signed up to receive their vaccine at the drive-thru clinic Sunday. Anyone getting the vaccine should enter at 33rd Avenue and Blake Street.