DENVER (KDVR) — Based on a Federal Bureau of Investigation report, last year marked the highest number of hate crimes recorded in Colorado. However, Hate Free Colorado estimates these numbers to be even higher.

On Monday, the FBI released its annual hate crime report for the previous year. In 2022, Colorado reached the highest number of crimes recorded in one year since it started tracking data 32 years ago.

In Colorado, there were 317 reported hate crimes in 2022. Compared to five years ago, the number more than doubled with only 78 people having reported a hate crime in 2017.

While hate crimes are recorded at the highest level ever, Hate Free Colorado believes that these numbers are even higher.

Hate Free Colorado conducted a statewide survey in 2022 finding that three in 10 participants said they were targeted with verbal harassment, property damage and/or physical injury within the last five years.

That’s an estimated 1.25 million Coloradans, according to Hate Free Colorado.

Of those who experienced a hate crime or bias-motivated incident within the last five years, only 18% reported the incident.

FBI Denver is looking closely at hate crimes, especially with the Israel-Hamas war.

“FBI Denver Division has been in touch with local communities around the state of Colorado and Wyoming to reassure them we are tracking closely the events in the Middle East,” FBI Denver tweeted. “Hate crimes and violence will not be tolerated. We remind the public to report any suspicious or threatening activity to”

Hate Free Colorado recommends contacting the Trauma Disaster Recovery Clinic at or 303-871-3736, which offers psychotherapy services to those affected by trauma and adversity, including hate crimes.

For mental health or psychosocial support, you can contact the University of Denver’s MHPSS Network, which can also be helpful for those who experienced a hate crime.