DENVER (KDVR) — On Tuesday, the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel’s Traffic Operations Center revealed its newest updates to help with traffic flow, especially along the Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor.

Even without icy roads, I-70 constantly experiences car crashes. During the winter months, this becomes more problematic as road conditions diminish causing more crashes and highway shutdowns.

These traffic stops cost more than time.

“We are now approaching an almost $2 million hit to the economy for every hour the I-70 Mountain Corridor is closed,” said Shoshana Lew, CDOT’s Executive Director in a press release.

These improvements include a new camera, fiber optic cables and high-quality monitors. The devices will be used to improve the speed operators know about an incident.

The cameras can zoom in closely and detect objects as small as nails two miles away from the tunnels. During a crash, operators will be able to see how bad the accident is, how many people and the license plates.

“The technology upgrades within the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnels will allow for real-time coordination and collaborative responses to traffic incidents along the I-70 corridor, particularly in those areas most known for mountain area congestion,” stated Col. Matthew C. Packard, chief of the Colorado State Patrol in a press release. “Reducing the timeframe of a partial or complete closure also reduces the hazards adversely impacting the movement of people and freight. This improved capability, coupled with motorists preparing their vehicles and driving habits for the terrain and changing road conditions, can help us avoid serious human and economic consequences.”

This new equipment won’t prevent crashes, but it will change how quickly people react and hopefully reduce traffic times.