DENVER (KDVR) — A license plate designed by a Coloradan under 13 years old has shattered records to become the fastest-selling license plate in state history, and it only took two months for it to happen.

The popular plate was one of two winning designs in the Historic Colorado Contest, which was held earlier this year to honor the state’s 150th Anniversary.

The plate that is flying off the shelves, with 5,700 ordered to date, was based on a design submitted in the “U13” category of the contest by Denver resident Calista Blaschke.

All the entries in that category were designed by Coloradans age 13 and under.

Calista took inspiration from Pikes Peak, fortune hunters and the official state bird — the lark bunting — for the colorful design.

Calista said she was thrilled to learn her design was so popular.

“I never expected to win the Historic Colorado Contest, let alone design a license plate that so many people like enough to put on their cars,” she said. “I am proud that my art is a part of Colorado’s story.”

It only took two months for the design to become the fastest-selling specialty plate, outpacing the Broncos Charities plate, which took four months to reach that level.

The winning design in the 13+ division is also proving popular, with nearly 3,000 ordered since August. The designer, Evan Griesheimer of Denver, took inspiration from the “simplicity and colors of the state flag, as well as the rocky mountains and mining,” according to the DMV.

The two plates have yet to overcome the popularity of the throwback black license plate, which went on sale earlier this year.

However, the DMV said that the two 150th-anniversary plates could soon be the favorite throwback choice for Coloradans if the recent popularity keeps up.

Both designs went on sale in August and will be available until July 2027.