DENVER (KDVR) — Not all toys are created equal. Some can be downright dangerous for your kids. A Colorado public interest group demonstrates what could be deadly toys for your kids.

If there really is a land of misfit toys, we would know how they got there.

Danny Katz is the executive Director of COPIRG, the Colorado Public Interest Research Group. Every year, the group’s “Trouble in Toyland” report rounds up toys they say should not wind up under your tree.

“The vast majority of toys out there are safe. We have seen incredible progress,” Katz said. “That said, there is still some trouble in Toyland.”

Water beads

Colorful and inviting toys at first glance may appear to be OK. Katz says parent beware.

“Water beads are small, round little beads that when you put them in water, they expand,” Katz said.

He says they’re a choking hazard and would be dangerous if swallowed. According to the group, water beads “can block the airway or damage the digestive tract.”

At least one child died after ingesting water beads earlier this year.

Smart toys

The group warns parents to look out for toys with tech capabilities that could present privacy concerns.

“Smart toys are the kind of toys that can connect with the internet,” Katz said.

They can collect unnecessary amounts of information on your children.

“This toy explains that it may collect information that could possibly identify you,” Katz said.

The report suggests parents look at whether toys have features like cameras, microphones, apps or can connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

Choking hazards

And last but not least, the toilet paper roll choking test.

“If it passes through, then it’s a choking hazard,” Katz said.

According to the group’s report, thousands of children age 4 or younger received emergency room treatment in 2021 for ingesting toy pieces.