DENVER (KDVR) — A bear attacked a security guard in the kitchen at the St. Regis Resort in Aspen late Monday night, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

CPW said the security guard had gone to investigate after reports of a bear inside the hotel.

The bear had entered the hotel through a series of doors near the courtyard.

While he was searching the kitchen, the security guard surprised the bear when he went around a corner.

The bear responded by attacking the guard, swiping at him and knocking him down to the ground, according to CPW.

The guard was able to get away and called 911. He was taken to a local hospital and received care for scratches on his back. He was released from the hospital early Tuesday.

CPW officers arrived on the scene just after midnight to investigate and search for the bear.

Witnesses gave a description of the bear, including markers that would help CPW officers locate and identify it.

Officers located the bear near the hotel early Tuesday morning, but CPW said they were unable to tranquilize and capture it safely at that time.

CPW said officers would return to the area to continue search efforts Tuesday evening.