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DENVER — A woman who lives in Colorado believes justice was served when Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison for sexual assault and designated as a sexually violent predator on Tuesday.

Heidi Thomas was one of five woman who testified in the case against him.

She said Cosby assaulted her when she was 24 years old as she was trying to launch an acting career. She said he offered to coach her, but he drugged her and sexually assaulted her.

She never believed this day would come.

She says she feels thankful to the legal team and other women who came forward. But she also feels sad because she saw the tragic downfall of a man she once admired.

She hopes this case will inspire others to come forward.

“I`m so proud of the women who are coming forward in droves to speak their truths and telling their stories when they are up against Goliath as we were,” Thomas said.

She said she hopes Andrea Constand, the victim who brought the charges against Cosby, will go down in history as a woman who started an avalanche.