DENVER (KDVR) — As remote work options decline, Colorado is still one of the best places in the nation to continue the pandemic-borne work-from-home arraignments.

Colorado ranks 10th in the nation’s list of best places to work from home, according to a Wallet Hub analysis. The researchers looked at the share of the population working from home, the share of potential remote workers, internet access and security levels, electric and internet costs and the average space for remote workers.

It isn’t just picturesque mountain states where remote workers fare best. Delaware has the nation’s top score for remote workers, followed by Utah, Maryland, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Colorado does rank highly for its share of remote workers and for how much space they have.

Colorado ranks first among U.S. states and the District of Columbia for the median square footage per number of persons in a remote work household – meaning Colorado’s workers have more privacy and elbow room than anywhere else in the country.

That fact isn’t news, evidently. Colorado has a higher share of remote workers in its population than any other U.S. state. Only Washington, D.C. has a higher concentration of remote workers.

The only thing stopping Colorado from ranking higher across the board was internet access and costs. As a rural state, Colorado only has the 14th-highest rate of internet access. Costs hurt its overall score, as well. The state ranks 29th for its electricity costs and 26th for internet costs.