Colorado Springs man sentenced to 624 years to life for sexual crimes against boys


COLORADO SPRINGS – A Colorado Springs man was sentenced Friday afternoon to 624 years for more than a dozen sexual crimes against boys.

69-year-old Joseph Lee Davis was convicted of 15 counts including sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust – pattern of abuse, enticement of a child, and sexual exploitation of children. Over the course of three decades, prosecutors say Davis groomed, manipulated, threatened, and molested children from his neighborhood and extended family.

“He will never be able to get out in the light of day and harm another child,” Deputy District Attorney with the 4th Judicial Branch Stephanie Redfield said.

The victims tell prosecutors that they have a sense of relief to know that Davis will spend the rest of his life locked up. Seven boys came forward to authorities about what happened to them with Davis but police believe there are a lot more victims.

“I don’t think we will ever get to know how many victims or people this man has tormented or affected throughout his life,” Deputy District Attorney with the 4th Judicial Branch Kelson Castain said.

Colorado Springs Police Department were notified of Davis in 2018 from the youngest victim who was 9-years-old at the time. After a search warrant police discovered what prosecutors say was a lifetime of child molestation evidence.

“He had their pictures up everywhere boys that were from a decade or more ago he had them up on the walls laminated,” Redfield explained. “In various stages of undress, none of them were sexually exploited that he posted on the walls around the house but they certainly would give anyone who was in there looking at them pause because they were not of family.”

So far seven more victims have come forward. Police found boxes full of writings about Davis grooming boys and the sexual crimes he committed.

“He wrote very graphically in his journals and he would write about how they were getting too old and he would cut them loose at a certain age,” Redfield added.

Prosecutors said that Davis would use binoculars to look at boys at the basketball court across the street next to Hillside Community Center to find his next victim.

A neighbor who has lived a couple houses down for 11 years from Davis off Fountain Boulevard said her grandson was apparently approached by Davis twice at the bus stop.

“Trying to invite him to come over, but he was smart enough and he was 12 at that time and did not like the energy and kept pushing him away,” said Janava Koenes.

“No one was off-limits for him,” Redfield said. “It didn’t matter who you were as long as you were a young boy he would go after you if you were vulnerable.”

Prosecutors said Davis would use toys, video games, a pool, a trampoline, drugs, and alcohol to entice the boys to his house.

“He would use those things to force the kids that they had done something wrong and that they were responsible for what was happening,” Castain said.

“He would spiritual demonic practices on them and convinced some of them that he would put an evil spirit in them to cause harm to those they love and some of them truly believed that,” Redfield said. “That if they ever saw him again that he would do that so now he is gone and will never hurt them again.

CSPD said Davis’ target age range was from 9-14 years old and enticed boys who were desperate for affection and love who either needed friendship or didn’t have a biological father in the picture. Many victims fell into drug or alcohol abuse according to the prosecutors which ruined their life. One victim, his life taking a dark turn after many years of torment.

“He had to prove to himself that he wasn’t gay and to everyone else that he wasn’t gay so he became more and more aggressive until he killed somebody and he and the person he killed have suffered the ultimate worst consequence for what happened to him at the hands of Joseph Davis so the vass consequences I know of no one worse,” Redfield explained.

Davis refused to go to trial so the victims didn’t get to face him and see his reaction when he was sentenced. Police are encouraging any more victims to speak with officers if they’d like. There are services available with the victim compensation fund.

The trial lasted a week and a half and the jury came back with a verdict within a few hours.

Davis’ first criminal offense of sexual assault on a child was in 1974 that was pled down to a misdemeanor and he served three years in prison with little supervision afterwards. He was later charged in 1980 for another sexual offense of a child.

Also, Davis’ step-son Charles Portis Jr. pled guilty in July of 2019 to accessory to sexual assault on a child and accessory to sexual exploitation of a child. He will serve six years in prison.

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