Colorado Springs man loses home to wildfire but saves dogs

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By: Greg Ellison

Interviewed on CNN, Kyle Kirkland explained how he risked his own safety to retrieve his three canine companions. Reversing the old adage, man became dog’s best friend.

When news of the fire broke Kirkland left work and headed towards his home. Unfortunately roads were already closed.

After explaining to police that he only needed a few minutes to race home and save his pets, Kirkland was cautioned that he would be risking his own life. “Obviously I did what I had to do” said Kirkland, who was interviewed along with his girlfriend Danielle Byrne.

According to Byrne, she experienced an epiphany while purchasing items left behind at their destroyed home. “I had to buy all these things I already should have had; socks, undergarments, shampoo, conditioner,” explained Byrne, “Spending all this money on stuff that I had at my house, that obviously I no longer have.”

The couple and their three lucky dogs have temporary quarters with a friend who is an officer in the Air Force. As Byrne stated, “I wanted to have a meltdown, I felt homeless, I felt out of place. So many mixed emotions, I just wanted to go home, but that was no longer an option.”

Kirkland and Byrne both expressed a desire to volunteer at local shelters giving refuge to those left homeless by the wildfires.

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