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LONGMONT, Colo. —  Saturday marked one month since the historic flooding swept across Colorado.

FEMA has released a new report stating that it has paid out over $40 million in assistance to Colorado flood victims.

After sweeping up several inches of water, mud and debris, the Moore family is finally getting back onto their feet.

“They key to it was acting quickly and getting the carpet and the padding out immediately, and we were trying to prevent mold from coming in,” said Mike Moore, a flooding victim in Longmont.

Like many in Longmont, Moore and his family have been trying to move forward after flooding rains brought several inches of water into their basement as well as their front and back yards.

“We’re trying to make our home, look like a home again,” Moore said.

Mike and his wife recognize that they couldn’t have done any of this alone. They’re thankful for the hundreds of volunteers that helped them and also for the federal assistance they received.

“We had a little help from FEMA and that was a boost,” Moore said.

It’s been a boost for many.

According to FEMA, in the last 30 days they’ve supplied more than $41 million in individual assistance to Colorado flood victims to help them make repairs to their homes.

Boulder County received the most assistance with over $24 million, followed by Weld and Arapahoe Counties.

And while the Moore’s have been able to get back to their life, they recognize there are still many who need help, which is why FEMA continues to offer their assistance.

“There’s a lot to do. A lot to do there’s still a lot of people who need help,” Moore said.

Nine counties are eligible for individual assistance, and Nov. 14 is the deadline for individuals and families to register for FEMA individual assistance.

According to FEMA, housing assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis for up to 18 months from the day of the disaster declaration.