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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — Back to school means back on course for many Colorado families.

Hundreds of parents in the Centennial State are about to send their kids back inside the classroom for the first time in more than a year.

The Burr family is among those families. Their two daughters haven’t attended elementary school in person since spring break two school years ago.

The family was among the many who opted for remote learning all of last year because of COVID-19.

“We went back and forth a couple of times before the lock-in date was set. I felt like at the time when I had to decide there wasn’t enough information to make a really good call,” explained Anna Burr, the girls’ mother.

It was a difficult decision followed by a difficult year. Dylan and Anna tried to work from home while also acting as teachers and tutors for their children.

“I feel like no one really got every one thing. Classroom participation is hard when you’re a tiny little square on a screen, so there were definitely some days where they were struggling where we thought we made the wrong call,” Burr said.

However, they like many other families, made it through the school year.

“Education wise I think they probably did ok. The social aspect is so crucial though and I don’t think I realized how important that would be,” Burr said.

“I think we learned we’re not teachers. Our kids think we don’t know anything either,” added Dylan Burr, the girls’ father.

The Burrs are ecstatic but nervous to be sending their daughters back to in-person learning this fall, especially after seeing how many people are currently being impacted by the delta variant of COVID-19.

“Yes, the risk is still there. I guess I just feel better about it. I feel like there’s less guessing,” Burr said.