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by Greg Ellison

DENVER — The heart of Dixie didn’t have much love for the CEO of a Colorado medical marijuana company.

Dixie Elixirs CEO Vincent “Tripp” Keber pleaded guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession in Alabama last month, the Denver Post reported. Keber runs the Denver-based company, which produces cannabis infused food items.

On May 18, Keber was arrested while attempting to attend the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Ala., after police confiscated personal-use amounts of a marijuana concentrate.

Police documents indicate an initial charge of felony possession of cocaine was dropped when authorities correctly identified the substance as concentrated cannabis.

Keber’s deal mandates he contact authorities in Alabama daily and submit to random urinalysis testing. If alcohol or drugs are evident in Keber’s samples, a one-year jail sentence is possible.

Unlike Colorado, where residents voted for marijuana decriminalization, Alabama has not passed a medical-marijuana law. If the incident took place in Colorado, Keber would most likely not face criminal charges.

Keber said he does not believe the charges will impact his company’s legal standing.