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DENVER — 2019 could be the single most important year in several years for marijuana advocates in Colorado.

In just a few months, current marijuana regulations will sunset — meaning lawmakers need to have a thorough discussion about how to regulate the growing industry.

“The legislature will look at everything, all over again, to see what was working and what wasn’t working,” Peter Marcus, a spokesman for Terrapin Care Station, a Colorado cannabis company, said.

Marcus says there is reason for the industry to be hopeful. Governor-elect Jared Polis is perceived as being extremely friendly to the industry. Democrats control both chambers of the General Assembly.

“Governor-elect Jared Polis is very friendly, perhaps the most friendly elected official we have ever had in the cannabis world,” Marcus added.

So how could access possibly change?

For one — those with autism could soon be eligible to receive medical marijuana.

The General Assembly passed a measure to do just that in 2018 but Governor John Hickenlooper vetoed it.

FOX31 asked Governor-elect Polis if he would sign it during the campaign.

“I would have I think we should always error on the side of patient access,” Polis told FOX31 Political Reporter Joe St. George.

What about marijuana delivery? Polis is also on board.

“If you look at one of the dangers of having legal regulated marijuana it could lead to more people driving under the influence so yes I would view delivery as a way of preventing people driving under the influence,” Polis said during an October interview.

Another issue expected to be revisIted according to Marcus — tasting rooms.

“We really just want one thing for consumers to have access,” Marcus said.

Of course Democratic control doesn’t necessarily mean all these measures will go into law. Last year Democratic State Senator Rhonda Fields helped lead the charge against marijuana delivery.