Colorado lawmaker wants to change rules of the road for bicyclists

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DENVER — The rules of the road soon might be changing for bicyclists in Colorado. A state lawmaker is proposing a bill he believes will increase safety for bicyclists, but but some drivers might not like it.

State Sen. Andy Kerr, a Democrat from Jefferson County, believes stopping at a stop sign and waiting for traffic lights can be more dangerous for bicyclists.

Stopping and waiting for a light to change can increase the chances of a bicyclist’s chance of getting hit from behind by an oncoming vehicle.

So under Kerr’s proposal, SB17-093, bicyclists would be able to treat stop signs like yield signs and red lights like stop signs.

They would only have to stop at a light, look both ways and then proceed. Kerr said a similar law was passed in Idaho and injuries for bicyclists dropped by 14 percent.

The bill is just up for consideration and has been assigned to the Senate Transportation and Motor Vehicles Committee.

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